We are here, Spes T-Shirts have arrived! Let’s hear from you!

Have our T-shirts already attracted your attention? Well, finally they are ready. So we want to tell you a little about the production process for our T-shirts and also ask for your advice and suggestions. ­čÖé

Our graphic artists used a computer to create the heart design that is printed on the phrase: ” Si Vis Amari Ama.”
For white T-shirts green was selected, a reference to Hope.

Would you prefer a light clear color like the one below or something bolder and more incisive. Would your prefer something in red?
Let us know. We await your advice.

For those of you who are more serious, Cesare has selected, for the black and blue T-shirt, a heart in pearl gray, very discreet, very soft.

The technician is fixing the colors to be printed.

Now all to presses and iron.

The T-shirts are ready for the last phase, Packaging.

Our laboratory colleagues begin to fold the T-shirts taking care to place in the middle the plantable papyrus papers with with seeds on which you will find all the information about your purchase.

Final closure and retouching of the packaging!

This is how your T-shirt will arrive!

The T-shirts are ready to be shipped!

This is the second phase of our adventure in which you, with your generosity will be a protagonist and benefactor!
Il passaggio┬á successivo potr├á essere verificato da ognuno di voi su l’area del sito┬á“TRACCIABILITA'” .
The next step can be verified by each one of you in the area of the site: ‘TRACABILITY.” And in this area you can control where and how you contribution was used. Write to us and ask anything to satisfy your curiosity. We are always at your disposition.

Leave a comment if you want to leave a suggestion or would like more information. ­čÖé