Tracking your gift

Tracking your gift.

Every three months, figures will be published on our website listing the number of T-shirts sold during that period.

With this system everyone who has purchased a T-shirt will know exactly how and where their money was used.

Who are we helping?

As already explained, Spes adopts a policy of direct gifting. Spes will never distribute money directly to associations but will acquire the goods needed for the organizations that require help. Receipts will be posted on the website for the materials acquired for the recipients. In this way donated funds can be clearly traced.

The beneficiaries of these gifts will always be named.


Give your help now!

Acquire one or more Spes T-shirts and you will receive together with our shirt, the special Growing Paper label infused with seeds that can be planted! Discover more!.


Some benefactors and supporters of Project Spes wanted to acquire T-shirts in December 2018. We have therefore the small amount of 100 euros that are destined for the “Emporio Bambini”in Terni, Umbria. In the Tracking area, in a few weeks, we will publish the receipts for the products acquired for the children and for their delivery.

The Next Beneficiaries

Your help is important, thanks to the proceeds earned from the sale of our T-Shirts, Spes will be able to help the following organizations:

Emporio Bimbi Terni

The Emporio was born as a service for families with children from 0 to 13 years old. It provides them all of the essential needs that they often miss at home: food; diapers; school supplies. The Emporio is divided into six areas: food, personal hygiene; school materials, cloths; toys; supplies for early infancy.

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Hospital at Narni

The hospital, situated in Via dei Cappuccini Nuovi 3 in Narni in the Province of Terni, is part of the Presidio Ospedaliero of Narni Amelia, classified in the regional and provincial hospital system as a Hospital of the Territory. This definition means that the hospital has the delicate responsibility to respond to the first health needs of the population through in patient recovery (traditionally Day Hospital and Day Surgery) and through out patient services.

Santo Spirito Hospital Rome

This is the oldest hospital in Europe. Founded in 727 as a building to house, assist, and care for pilgrims who traveled to Rome to visit the tomb of St. Peter. In 1198 under Pope Innocent III it was rebuilt and adapted as a hospital.

In quest’area saranno pubblicati da Spes tutti i ricavati trimestrali e le relative donazioni/acquisizioni di beni fatte.

Ancora non sono disponibili le informazioni richieste, torna presto a trovarci! Grazie!