The Theme of Love for Spes

Our graphic designer, one of the first benefactors of Spes made a request: “explain in three hundred words what love means for Spes.”

An amusing fellow! An amusing question!

Considering that there have been rivers of words written on this subject we, a mere drop of water in the ocean, will do our best to answer his question.

Spes believes that love is that sentiment that allows us to live serenely and in peace with ourselves.

Once one masters personal serenity, rest of life is easy.

Project Spes begins with the argument “Love,” first for oneself and then it can be projected toward the universe, humanity; animals, society, behavior and so it goes

What is the meaning and importance of love for Spes?

I will respond like a dear friend answered in his imperfect although eloquent Italian:

“Like a flower is vital for a bee……love is life. Without love there can be no growth.”

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