ssd proFORMA… not only aesthetic!

From the name, considering that we are talking about a gym, we might think that “Form”
refers only to physical form.

Well, that’s not the case.
Roberta and Silvia with their staff are complete 360 degree trainers.
For them “Form” goes beyond physical.

The empathy that exists in their gym between trainers and their “followers” means that “Form” includes not only body but also mind and spirit.

The team, fans of nature and outdoor sports, inspires through their professionalism, respect, and faith but above all by their desire to accomplish.

Because of their seriousness and professionalism, “Project Spes” has been selected as the bearer of its message of Love.

A love which, not by chance, begins with oneself.

And by loving oneself one can learn to love others.

To all of you, from the staff of SPES a thank you TOTAL BODY and …MIND”