Project Spes

Latin quotations that send a message. Bio clothes that respect the environment. Charity for the less fortunate.

Much more than a T-shirt with words; Spes T-shirts are a gesture of love and hope

Project Spes has three goals:

to educate, sensitize and convey a message
Through Latin quotations and maxims, Spes has the goal of educating and sensitizing the young and less young to its messages.
Why Latin quotations? To make people aware of men and women who through history were the founders of world culture: especially the latins. It is with them that we wear and disseminate their message.

To respect the environment and others
The clothes of Project Spes are completely vegan and bio. T-Shirts and sweatshirts are made from bio-cotton and their accessories from eco recycled materials. Production takes place in artisanal studios which do not exploit their workers. All of the above rigorously certified and verifiable.

Help the less fortunate
After expenses, all proceeds will go to charity. By supporting Project Spes, you will contribute to the acquisition of needed goods offered by the charities we assist.

Our Mission: to educate and sensitize with a simple message

Wear a Project Spes T-shirt or sweatshirt and become a vehicle for a message of love and hope through the Latin citations regarding love, humanity, the environment, and diversity in all its facets.

All that the wise Latins could teach and hand down over time on subjects like richness and poverty, good and bad taste, respect, irony, expectations, solidarity, optimism and pessimism.

The importance of culture and rights (about ones place of birth, life, dignity, etc) the defense of one’s heritage, religion, sense of humor, and politics.

Felpa salmone "amor est vitae essentia"

Our T-Shirts are made from 100% ring spun cotton. The fibers are of the highest quality and exclusively bio. Our T-Shirts respect the high qualitative standards of regular handwork.

Ethical vegan clothing: a small acquisition for a big help

Spes T-Shirts are made by artisans in shops where there is no labor abuse. The shirts are made from combed, colored cotton grown in sustainable ways picked and finished by regular workers, facts that are all certified and verifiable.

Our T shirts will be sent to you in a package containing a small “papyrus” of recycled paper on which will be written the phrase on the T-shirt in Latin, the translation in Italian, English, and Spanish, a brief bio of the writer and, most importantly, the message that the author wants (wanted) to convey: the moral.

Ours are quality products in both fabric and workmanship. Here are the certifications.

Certificate Fair Wear Foundation

Download the certificate

Fair Wear Foundation

Download the documentation

Certificate AZO Free

Download the certificate

Packaging Bio – CCOF

Download the certificate

Organic Content Standard

Download the certificate

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

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Global Recycled Standard

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Help the less fortunate and keep track of the donations

Tracking your gift.

Every three months, figures will be published on our website listing the number of T-shirts sold during that period.
This sum will be dedicated to charity.

With this system everyone who has purchased a T-shirt will know, with absolute certainty, exactly how and where their money was used.

To who are we assigning.

Spes adopts a policy of direct gifting. Spes will never distribute money directly to associations but will acquire the goods needed for the organizations that require help. Receipts will be posted on the website for the materials acquired for the recipients. In this way donated funds can be clearly traced.

The beneficiaries of these gifts will always be named.



In this area Spes will publish every three months all the proceeds and donations/acquisitions that have been made.

If the information you are looking from is not available, check again soon! Thank you!