T-Shirt Gignit


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T-Shirt Gignit


100% organic cotton ring spun T-shirt short sleeve, round collar, subtly reinforced with stitching at the neck and shoulders, soft to the touch and structured with lateral stitching, without labels. The T-Shirt Spes Gignit is available in four colors: black, white, blue, red.

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Amor Gignit Amorem

Love generates love

Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC): the most important statesman, lawyer, philosopher, and orator of ancient Rome. His influence on the Latin language and Western culture cannot be overestimated. During the civil war that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar he was murdered by order of Marc Anthony and his head and hands displayed in the Roman Forum.

Moral: Cicero spoke of the necessity of love not only for those you know and who are like you, but also for strangers and even foreigners as this was the ultimate test of universal brotherhood without which kindness and justice would perish forever. Esprime chiaramente il concetto di amore universale che crea fratellanza. In doing so, respect and love will be reciprocated.

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