Growing paper: Our paper, eco-sustainable, become plants.

Spes, in order to attain its goal of eco-sustainability and assisting others, has made a series of choices, first in the area of eco-sustainability.

Consequently, for material of every T-shirt – and everything that you will find inside (papyrus, labels…), we have selected  GrowingPaper.

Why this choice?

GrowingPaper is an Italian firm that uses bio-compatible and recyclable material employing specific products and techniques that do not damage the environment. As already noted, project Spes is mean to sensitize the buyer and to engage his/her attention through specific messages.  For this reason, GrowingPaper is fully in tune with our philosophy, which is why we don’t use regular paper. We found paper that could be printed and planted!

How does it work? Simple. All of the paper used in our wrapping instead of being thrown away, can be planted in a vase and after a short while you will have a plant to love. No regular label or product description offers this opportunity

How and when to plant the paper

Planting the Spes label and GrowingPaper is easy. The best time to plant outdoors is between March and November, indoors all year long assuming there is sufficient light and water. Place the paper in a vase or garden and cover with 3 centimeters of earth watering every day. After about a week you will see your first plant.

If you want more information visit GrowingPaper’s site.

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